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Gym Equipments

History and Philosophy

Drs. Robert and Samantha Gump recognized a glaring need in the Smith Mountain Lake region and decided that it was time for the community to have access to CrossFit. Established in 2022, CrossFit SML is the area's newest CrossFit affiliate. 

We believe that everyone can participate in CrossFit. We also believe in the original founding principles of CrossFit. You can learn more about those at Some may even say we are a little ''old school'' or ''OG'' at CrossFit SML. It is about doing what's right, all the time. We recognize that everyone is on their own journey along the road from sickness, to wellness, to fitness. Wherever you are, whatever age you are, you can benefit and you will have a place here.

CrossFit isn't easy. It requires you to show up, and to give your best effort. If you can overcome those two most difficult steps, CrossFit SML will guide you through the rest!

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